Saturday, April 16, 2011

It'll Be OK

We've got a zombie movie marathon going. Tonight it was the 2008 "adaptation" of Day of the Dead. Don't even mention "remake". There was not a scrap left of George Romero's most excellent 1985 original film, except the title and some character names. This one swaps out the scientists 'n soldiers in a bunker with standard issue teens making out, then running like hell. And soldiers. Eventually they run and hide in a bunker. Screaming is involved.

I love the part, toward the end of these movies, when the characters who should be paralyzed with shock and catatonic with fear instead turn into a teen Bruce Willis or Laura Croft. Suddenly everybody's a wisecracking stunt driving sharpshooting ninja demolition expert. When the movie started they weren't even in the popular crowd.

This one entertains on two levels. The zombie effects are really good, no doubt about it. And the plot is so inane and the dialogue so lame, it quickly becomes an unintentional comedy. I love it when people who are being traumatized at every turn by something as impossible to grasp as a zombie apocalypse constantly reassure each other that everything is going to be OK. Says who? We counted five times, including my favorite "It'll be OK, I promise."

It wasn't.

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